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Canada Blower now offers the most complete line of Pressure Blowers and high capacity products in the market. These blowers are used in applications where high pressures are required. The type of pressure blower selected will depend on the system requirements and temperature specifications. Some applications where pressure blowers are used include pneumatic-conveying, combustion, and gas-handling systems. Pressure Blowers with open style steel wheels can also be used in systems handling, smoke, gases, or light non-abrasive dust.


• Pressures to 58” WG; air flows to 5,200 CFM.

• Stable performance – the pressure curve remains stable from wide-open to closed-off… fan instability, or pulsation, is eliminated even when “turn-down” approaches zero flow.

• Choice of blower impeller designs – standard aluminum wheel for optimum efficiency or optional steel wheel for more rugged applications.

• Efficiency – advanced wheel and aerodynamic housing design combine for air-handling efficiency superior to conventional radial-wheel designs.

• Variable wheel diameters and a choice of six outlet sizes enable efficient fan selection across a wide range of volumes and pressures.

• Choice of fan arrangements – direct-drive and belt-drive blowers.

• Wide blower application range – designed for continuous operation in combustion, cooling, conveying, drying, and various process systems.

• All-welded steel fan housings – heavy-gauge housings are designed specifically to prevent “flexing” at high pressures.

• Flanges – continuously welded flanges match ANSI Class 125/150 hole pattern.

• Balance – all blower wheels are precision-balanced prior to assembly… fans with motors and drives mounted are given a final trim balance check at the specified running speed.

• Shafting – straightened to close tolerance to min imize “run-out” and ensure smooth operation.

• Inlet configuration – a choice of three inlet types allows units to be tailored to specific application requirements.

The unique Aluminum Pressure Blower wheel is designed to provide efficient performance and reduced sound levels – the dual-taper design concept on all but the narrowest wheel sizes yields typical efficiencies up to 10 percentage points greater than conventional straight radial wheels. Riveted high-strength aluminum alloy impeller blades and side plates minimize overhung wheel weight and starting inertia. Ductile-iron, taper-lock hubs make fan wheels easily removable.

Either welded steel or stainless-steel wheel construction is available in straight radial fan design. AMCA Certified Ratings Seal applies to Pressure Blowers with aluminum-wheel design only. Air volume and pressure capabilities are the same as the dual-taper aluminum wheel, but brake horsepower requirements are typically higher.

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