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Product Information

Humidifiers and De-Humidifiers

Electrical steam humidifiersHumidifiers and De-Humidifiers
Element and electrode types
Modulating humidification
Gas and spray humidifiers
Refridgerant and desiccant de-humidifiers

Filtration Units

Odor control / HEPA filters HVAC2
Fan-pack units/ air-tight housings
Filter housings, filter boxes,bag in / bag out

Dampers and Actuators

Fan and blower dampers HVAC3
Isolation / flow diverter dampers
Louvers and shutters

Air Systems

High penetration air knives
Air curtains / gas gates / air screens
Material handling & pnematic conveying systems


Silencers and Enclosures

Blower and fan silencers
Metal & FRP buildings
Vibration eliminators and acoustial enclosures


HVAC Controls

Electric & pnematic damper actuators
Motorized Valves
Control equipment, building automation systemsHVAC6

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